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  1. Surah Nuh (Noah) - The Struggle Of The Prophets
  2. Special Jummah Prgm| Shaykh Ouwais Data| Masjid Noor, Huddersfield | 4/01/13, 12:30pm
  3. 3rd Annual Seerah Conference | Mufti Abid, Ml Khurshid & Others | Perth | 13 Jan 2013
  4. Special Naat Programme | Hafiz Abu Bakr Haidri | Burnley | 10 January 2013
  5. Repentance | Shaykh Ahmad Ali | Blackburn | 5 January 2013
  6. Sheikh Rafiq Sufi | Rochdale | Sat 5th Jan | 6:30pm
  7. Cordoba Academy Online Winter Courses
  8. Online Course: Women's Essentials FIQH OF MENSTRUATION | Ust. Umm Huzayfa BEGINS SOON
  9. Online Course: Fiqh of Gender Relations | Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf >Begins Soon!
  10. Reality of Qadyanism - Shaykh Mumtazul Haq & Bawa Sb - 13/1/13 - Batley
  11. Imam of Masjid Al-Aqsa @ Masjid-E-Noorul Islam, Bradford 7. Magrib Salaat 4:02pm
  12. Online Course: Fiqh & Spirit of Marriage | By Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam | BEGINS Jan 19
  13. Online Course: Sweet Dreams | Taught by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf | BEGINS JAN. 19
  14. The Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS) - Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi - Cheadle - 6th Jan 4:10pm
  15. Inspiring Grace Courses and Events
  16. Five dead after plane runs off runway in Russia as new video shows debris hitting car
  17. First Grader Suspended For Making Gun Gesture With His Hand
  18. Hetalia Forum Role-Play Applications. APPLY NOW!
  19. Three dead in Swiss village shooting
  20. Do you like politics?
  21. Fat People Live Longer
  22. Russian Newspaper talks about US Gun Ban.
  23. Need Ideas!!!
  24. Late N Korean leader Kim Jong Il died 'in a fit of rage' over damages
  25. Doomsday moves to Australia
  26. 2013
  27. More Bad Sex Crime
  28. New Year's Resolutions?
  29. Two-time Olympic gold medalist Mo Farah detained on terrorist suspicion
  30. France
  31. Products: Aviva sets second product live on PowerPlace
  32. Products: Hiscox focuses on green issues and the green fingered with PI products
  33. Editor’s letter - June 2012
  34. Profile: The billion pound man
  35. Products: LFC teams up with Axa to launch professional indemnity product
  36. Product roundup: Motor market focuses on fleet
  37. Products: Equity Red Star launches product small fleets
  38. Products: Macmillan Sheikh launches electrical contractors scheme
  39. Products: Bridge and Chubb collaborate to offer product aimed at the metals industry
  40. Products: Biba sees raft of product launches
  41. Products: Fish farming specialist takes on role underwriting RSA’s aquaculture book
  42. Products: ALPS reveals legal expenses and assistance product range
  43. Product review: Cleaning up
  44. The hunt is on
  45. Commercial CORs show improvement
  46. Market moves: The shareholder spring
  47. Broking success: Buying in to growth
  48. The Broker Business Club: Food for thought
  49. Roundtable: Untapped market for brokers?
  50. Editor’s letter - July 2012
  51. Market moves: Silly season for appointments
  52. Market split over tying solicitors into two-year deals before ARP abolition
  53. Products: New construction warranties from BLG
  54. Products: Indemnity Risk Solutions offers solicitors’ PI policy ahead of market shake
  55. Review: Cleaning up
  56. Chartered status in the digital world
  57. Reportage: From farm to plate
  58. Broking success: International broker
  59. RSA’s motor retreat frustrates and delights
  60. Broking success: What’s the ‘Gos’?
  61. Products: Event Insurance Services celebrates launch of new party package
  62. Broking success: Travelling man
  63. Schemes market set for further growth
  64. Reportage: Building a stronger commercial sector
  65. Market moves: Blockbuster moves
  66. Leisure market roundtable: At your leisure
  67. Power hour: Motoring in the middle
  68. Review: Motoring along
  69. Products: Autonet adds to its commercial range
  70. Commentary: America lives under the shadow of George W. Bush
  71. North-Korean Documentary
  72. Fired State Trooper Accused of Faking DUI Arrests
  73. Programs by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed (In Karachi + Online Broadcast)
  74. Australian average temperature to exceed 40C next week
  75. Florida: Changing Car Color Does Not Justify Traffic Stop
  76. Google representation
  77. Sisters: Charity Gala Dinner | Blackburn | 19 January 2013
  78. 'Cash for Clunkers' Actually Hurt the Environment
  79. Virtues Tour Birmingham 2013
  80. Headunit for the Cummins
  81. Cat 'arrested' for break-in at Brazilian prison(video in link)
  82. man says he can drive in carpool lane with corporation papers
  83. Virtues of Uthman RA - Shaykh Khabbaab Ahmad - 11/1/13 - Huddersfield
  84. All Joe All the time
  85. Gerard Depardieu's Real Russian Love
  86. Post Your Instrument!
  87. Bobcat attacks Massachusetts man in garage
  88. 'Keep The Higher Ground When Discussing Gun Contol'
  89. Monster bluefin tuna sells for record $1.8mil
  90. New York high school track brawl breaks out during relay race
  91. Swimsuit model
  92. 17 Billion earth-sized planets in our galaxy.
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  102. ATV's ON SALE - GREAT DEALS - click here for more details
  103. What is the difference between a Modular Home and a Site-Built home? Click here and f
  104. Haybale Heights offers 4 brand new, 800 square foot, 2 bedroom cabins.
  105. Weathers Great Come ski today! YES - SKI NORTH DAKOTA
  106. The Devils Lake Area Chamber has a cure for the wintertime blahs Come check out SHIVE
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  108. All Red Dot marked merchandise - up to 50% off - click for more details
  109. Registration Now Open for the NDSCs 40th Annual ND Safety & Health Conference
  110. NTC graduates apply their new knowledge and skills on the job in high-demand fields
  111. We offer three private turn of the century train cars - click here - a night you'll n
  112. LARGE MACHINERY CONSIGNMENT AUCTION, Wed, February 6, Marion, SD. Click here for deta
  113. Multi Parcel Land Auction, 318+/- Acres, Ramsey Co., ND. Jan 31, 11:00 AM. Click Here
  114. Family Night Monday and Tuesday ALL Day! Large Pizza and 4 Sodas ONLY $17.99!
  115. Buy now when rates are low - click here to see 3 featured listings
  116. Friday Nite is Triple Ten's Night! 4-8pm. Lift Tickets, Ski Rentals & Tubing Tickets
  117. Letter: Thus far, NDSU has it all
  118. Letter: Dorothy Dodds did great work
  119. Letter: Reactive intervention too late when mental health is a factor
  120. Trygve Olson cartoon Jan. 8
  121. Steve Stark cartoon Jan. 8
  122. Forum editorial: The people of Frisco win roses
  123. Letter: There is a lot more to come regarding deficit
  124. Omdahl: DeMint 'tanks' Senate
  125. Olson: In North Dakota: That was then, this is now
  126. Forum editorial: Too soon to think dynasty?
  127. Trygve Olson cartoon 01.06.13
  128. Steve Stark cartoon 01.06.13
  129. Editorial: A federal 'stimulus' that works
  130. Has Eminem Turned His Life Over To God?
  131. Now Hiring Multiple Positions! Take advantage of Education reimbursement benefits up
  132. Hiring RNs! We offer competitive salary, benefits and advancement opportunities!
  133. Alex Jones Goes On Piers Morgan
  134. Democrat seeks to restrict freedom for conservatives, media silent
  135. Al Gore's Al Jazeera Current TV Deal
  136. Trygve Olson cartoon Jan. 9
  137. Letter: 'Win at all costs' seems to be the formula for NDSU football
  138. Forum editorial: Fix timing for school payments
  139. 21st Annual RRV Boat Show. January 25-27 at the Fargodome.
  140. Choose Your Delite! $9 Large 3-Topping Pizza. Click for coupon. Expires 2/5/13
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  142. Weekly Dars | Maulana Mahbubur Rahman Talukdar | Kent | Every Mondays
  143. Hanifi Fiqh | Shaykh Hafeezud Din Naqshbandi | Smethwick | Every Evening
  144. Evil Effects & Harms of Intoxicants|Mufti Waheedur Rahman & Others| Luton|19 Jan 2013
  145. Your Child, Your Legacy | Ustadah Apa Khadidja | London | 12 January 2013
  146. Cure for Sin | Shaykh Ahmed Ali | Manchester | 27 January 2013
  147. 1st Annual Seerah Conference | Sh Nagib Khan, Sh Azhar Minhaj | Stafford | 2 Feb 2013
  148. Before and After You Say "I Do": Marriage Course in LONDON with Shaykh Akram Nadwi
  149. * Before and After You Say "I Do": Marriage Course in Leeds with Shaykh Akram Nadwi *
  150. Congress less popular than Genghis Khan, Nickelback, used car salesmen, cockroaches
  151. This week's featured home - You CAN Afford It!
  152. Congress less popular than Genghis Khan, Nickelback, used car salesmen, cockroaches
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  154. Slovenia: Government in Crisis
  155. $25 off any astro start installed by one of our ase certified technicians!!
  156. New year, new start
  157. The Broker Business Club: Thinking big about SME
  158. Steve Stark cartoon Jan. 10
  159. Trygve Olson cartoon Jan. 10
  160. Letter: Just see what a dollar will buy
  161. Forum editorial: High-fives all around for ND
  162. Letter: Have the courage to do what is right with guns
  163. Where your RFID now!
  164. Join a rapidly growing global distributor of electronic components located in TRF, MN
  165. GN Book Klub
  166. Obama Considering 'Executive Orders' to Deal With Guns
  167. Hajj and Umrah Event - Jame' Masjid, Leicester
  168. Get a free slice of pizza when you purchase a pop!
  169. 1/2 OFF Jan Rent! W/D conn., FREE ht, quiet community, Fitness Center coming soon! 7
  170. Kids' Flicks: ICE AGE CONTINENTAL DRIFTSaturday 10am & 1pm Admission $3 - Popcorn & S
  171. Subject: Simplicity ll Template Questions - by: SpeedShop
  172. The Blessed Land of Shaam | Shaykh Muhammad Taaha | London | 11 January 2013
  173. Special Programme | Maulana Saah Sayyed Sahib, Qari Maqbool |Bolton | 12 January 2013
  174. Pakistan blasts: Scores killed at Quetta snooker hall (81+ killed)
  175. One student critically wounded in California school shooting
  176. Allah is Sufficient | Sh Khabbab Ahmed, Qari Saeed Makda | Sheffield |26 January 2013
  177. Allah is Sufficient | Shaykh Rafeeq Sufi, Qari Saeed Makda | Batley | 2 February 2013
  178. SPECIAL REVERTS' CLASSES | Starting 12th JAN | For Brothers & Sisters | BIRMINGHAM
  179. Bullying stories
  180. Forum editorial: An early start to flu season
  181. Saddened by selfishness from people on all sides
  182. Weekly lessons by Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq resuming TODAY (11/01/2013)
  183. Letter: Appreciate The Forum, especially Bob Lind
  184. Forum editorial: Oil Patch USPS gets the roses
  185. Letter: Get off of 'Fantasy Island' regarding leasing planes
  186. Letter: North Dakota can buy Minnesota
  187. Letter: A thank you to Forum customers
  188. Letter: Good progress for Bluestem
  189. Forum editorial: Airplane argument flies low
  190. Tazkiyah Academy: FREE Winter 2013 Online Courses for Men
  191. Shaykh Mufti Kamaluddin: BIRMINGHAM 26th - 30th January 2013
  192. FREE Course: The Way of the Siddiqeen | Shaykh Kamaluddin | SAT 26 JAN [BIRMINGHAM]
  193. Omdahl: Easier to spread the dirt
  194. Letter: So where can I go to receive a flu shot?
  195. Include your baby in this keepsake edition on Sunday, February 10th
  196. Southern Charm & New Orleans Tour March 7th - 18th. Call now for detailed itinerary
  197. Register Now for classes starting in February! Click here to get started.
  198. LIVE Worship & Sunday School - Sundays at 9:00 & 10:45. Click here for more informati
  199. Letter: How low can The Forum go?
  200. Letter: Support for AEDs saves many lives
  201. Letter: A lesson in ethics, integrity worthy of Bernie Madoff
  202. Letter: Critic of NDSU way too negative
  203. Letter: Will sue MnDOT over road salt
  204. Forum editorial: Old rivalry should be restored
  205. Al-Rahman Institute: Upcoming Exciting & New Online Courses
  206. Monthly LIVE Bayans by Shaykh ZULFIQAR AHMAD Naqshbandi
  207. Imam Abu Hanifa: Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad - 7pm Online, Saturday, January 12, 2013
  208. French planes bomb north Mali city of Gao as more countries join battle against Islam
  209. Israel Vows to Build in West Bank Site After Evicting Protesters
  210. Government Collection as % of GDP Lowest in 60 Years
  211. An european view on the crisis
  212. GPS sends Belgium woman on 1450km detour across Europe to Croatia
  213. No Jerry Springer Election
  214. Canadian military plane leaves Tuesday to help France with Mali mission
  215. Obama digs heels in, refuses to negotiate debt ceiling
  216. Atlas Shrugged a Moron
  217. Brony coming out
  218. Australians own as many guns as in 1996
  219. What keeps you going?
  220. The Life of Musa (AS) | Shaykh Abdur Rahman Anwar | Plaistow | 27 January 2013
  221. Khalid Bin Waleed (RA) | Shaykh Zaheer Mahmood | London | 2 February 2013
  222. Umar ibn Al-Khattab (RA) | Shaykh Sufyaan Iqbal | London | 2 February 2013
  223. IDA 20th Annual Youth Conference | Sh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat| Leicester| 3 March 2013
  224. Qur'aan History Lesson
  225. Shaane Mustafa Conference | Hazrat Maulana Abdur Raheem SB | Bolton | 20 January 2013
  226. Guidance for our Youth | Hafiz Akhtar Ali | Bolton | Every Sundays
  227. No Death Star for US
  228. getting ready to deploy
  229. Aaron Swartz's family releases statement, blames prosecutors for his untimely death
  230. Atzec Sun God :D
  231. The Broker Business Club: Thinking big about SME
  232. RESTAURANT ON-LINE AUCTION: www.all-bid.com
  233. London Lecture Programs - Shaykh Khabbaab Ahmad - 18th & 19th Jan 2013
  234. Unity in the Ummah | Sh Muhammad Idrees, Sh Muhammad Tahaa | London | 9 February 2013
  235. Naat & Nasheed Event | Hafiz Abu Bakr, Ml Imtiyaz Sidat & Others| Batley| 15 Jan 2013
  236. Every Soul Shall Taste Death - Shaykh Khabbaab Ahmad - 18/1/13 - Hayes, West London
  237. One-Way Ticket for First Human Residents of Mars in 2023
  238. GN Speedtest.net
  239. Cat beats professionals at picking stocks
  240. Liberal Surcharge
  241. Hummer H1 Alpha isn't dead!
  242. Man who helped Sandy Hook kids is harassed by conspiracy theorists
  243. Donate today to help stop diabetes.
  244. Letter: We must consider moral element in climate change
  245. Letter: Great program at Fargo school
  246. Letter: Terrible example for our children
  247. Letter: Forum editorial misrepresented clarity and meaning of remarks
  248. Forum editorial: A stronger higher ed system?
  249. 2 killed in shooting on Ky. college parking lot
  250. Helicopter crashes into crane: two dead in Vauxhall rush hour accident